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TH App~ by ShimmyShom TH App~ by ShimmyShom
UGUU I HATE THE ARTS ON HERE :iconomgcryplz: But, my hands were not cooperating at all, that's all I could get out of them. :iconlazypoolplz: Anyways, trying out for :icontachikawa-high: I wrote so much info for this girl, took three days to make sure it all sounded like it wasn't stupid, and I still don't know if it makes sense. :iconsopsplz: Uhm... Yeah. :iconteyuplz: <3

Edit: ---//coughcough totally forgot the freaking badge---ahem

 Hisakawa, Koyuki

Nickname: Koko ( Her family calls her this-- )

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Currently unaware, but open for anything--:icongtthplz: 

Age: 15

Grade: First

Dormitory: Sakuramachi

Club: Art : When Koyuki was younger, she would often occupy herself by drawing.

Voice: TBA ;v;

|| Your mom--//shot || 
|| She has an odd love for squids and octopi, she thinks they are absolutely adorable. She actually has a squid hat that she'll wear casually. ||
|| Singing, though only in secret. She hasn't let anyone know that she can sing. Plus she has major stage fright. ||
|| When it's windy. ||
|| Trees, and nature, and shtuff~ ||
|| The country-side :iconsopsplz: ||

|| Loneliness ||
|| Being put on the spot :iconbabiesplz: ||
|| Crowds, or being around too many people at once. She likes more one-on-one conversations. ||
|| Physical contact with strangers-- Another reason why she hates crowds. ||
|| That she acts so shy and socially awkward at first-- ||
|| Babies-- ||
|| Cats. Her grandparents had one, and it was always kind of jerky towards her. ||

   || Shy (at first) || - She won't really converse with a person right after meeting them, when she does she'll most likely be stuttering and avoiding eye contact, and feels uncomfortable sharing more than her name and school year. She will not really open up about herself, but the longer she talks to someone, the more she'll talk back to that person.
   || Socially Awkward || - Since Koyuki had never had good luck with making friends, and only officially had one, she doesn't really know how to deal with people, especially if she's talking with more than one person at a time. She has no idea how to socialize, though she tries her hardest to do so. And she's really not good at picking up on what people might be feeling or saying to her. 
   || Obedient || - Ever since she was younger she was always very obedient with adults and people older than her.
   || Easily Hurt || - She really doesn't show it all that often, but she can get very easily hurt by what people say about her, and to her. She's sensitive, yet she doesn't like people to know about it. She doesn't have as good a mask as she thinks she does, though.
   || Insecure || - Koyuki's slightly insecure about herself. She's trying to be more confident in herself, yet can't find herself doing that yet. 
   || Quiet || - She will mostly only speak when spoken to. Since she feels... very awkward around other human beings, she saves herself from making a fool out of herself around other people.
   || Caring (once she trusts someone) || - After she gets to know a person, she'll begin to care deeply for them. Though she's slightly afraid of doing this, because of how she had lost her friend from elementary school. 
   || Quirky || - She can become quite random when she gets close enough with a person to show more of herself. She's kind of blunt with her opinions on other people, even if the things she says are mean. Though she'll regret it very much after saying so if she realizes that it had hurt someone. She'll also comment on things in the oddest of times. She can't really do "serious." It makes her feel uncomfortable.
   :new:|| Emotionless ( on the surface at least-- || - Koyuki kind of seems to come off as emotionless when interacting with others, but she really isn't. She doesn't very well express any of her emotions.


- Kindergarten / Preschool - 
Koyuki was an "accident". Her mother and father had a fling, and 3 weeks later her mother had found out she was pregnant with Koyuki. They were not married, and her mother was very young (just out of high school--), so Koyuki was born into a kind-of broken "family". Her mother decided to keep the child, yet her father felt he wasn't ready for a family, so left her mother. For most of her life, she and her mother lived with her grandparents, though her grandparents made it perfectly clear that her mother would have to provide for both Koyuki and herself, so her mother was absent quite a lot during this time, at different part-time jobs. Whilst her mother was away at work, her grandparents both watched over Koyuki. She didn't end up going to an official kindergarten, decided by the three adults watching over her, and just stayed at home, learning and picking up different things from her grandparents and mother when she was home. 

- Elementary School -
When Koyuki turned 7, they decided that it was better to let her go to school, than to homeschool her any longer. She was very much a shy child at this time in her life, since she had had no real confrontation with any children her own age. So, Koyuki often kept to herself and would eat alone and play alone. She slowly began to open up slightly, and began talking with other children who took an interest in her, though it seemed that they all grew away from her in time. It being already far into the school year, others had already met and made friends, and would rather spend time with those friends. Koyuki was deeply hurt by this and would often cry after getting home. Deep into the second year of her time in school, she had found another child, a girl, who seemed to have no friends either, so Koyuki tried to become friends with the girl. She made her first friend and the two girls enjoyed each other's company for the rest of Elementary. 

- Middle School / Junior High -
Koyuki's life kept going along slowly and calmly as it always had as she entered middle school. A few weeks after school started, her mother moved herself into an apartment inside the city, that was closer to both the school and her mother's job. Her mother told Koyuki about the plans she had for herself, and said that if she wanted, that Koyuki could join her. She didn't force her though, since she knew how much she had loved her grandparents house. Koyuki was at first very hesitant about leaving the place she grew up in, but her mother explained to her it'd be easier there. Even though Koyuki would be much lonelier after school ended since she wouldn't have the constant company of her grandma and grandpa, she reluctantly followed her mother there. Koyuki's mother promised that every weekend they would go and spend it with the grandparents. When her last year of middle school came along things started to change for her even more. Her friend started to drift away from her, as their interests and personal tastes changed, so this left Koyuki very lonely, even more so than before. 

Also someone she'd only ever heard about from her mother on occasion, her father had come into her life. A big, important business man, nothing like how the girl had imagined her father to be like. She had come home from her grandparents one day, to find her mother and this man sitting in their apartment's main room, conversing awkwardly. He and her mother explained to her that he was her biological father. Koyuki immediately rejected the man, and on impulse ran out of the house; heading straight back to her grandparents house, she lived with them for a few weeks.

- Summer before starting Tachikawa High -
Koyuki lived in distraught for awhile after this. Constantly questioning herself why her father was coming back now, and why he hadn't earlier. Why he hadn't stayed with her and her mother at the beginning. She avoided any thought of him, or her mother in fact, for a long time. This hit her quite hard, though she didn't really know why. Her grandparents had let Koyuki's mother know that she was fine, but advised both her and her father that Koyuki just needed a bit of space. They watched over her as they did when she was younger. Once she had collected all her thoughts and gotten her feelings in check, she went back to her mother's apartment, and was greeted fondly by both her mother and her father, even though she gave her father the cold shoulder. Her father began to explain that he could get Koyuki's mother a better job at his company, and that they would no longer have to live in the city apartment, that the two of them could live in a house he owned for summer outings with his friends. He even said that they could move Koyuki into a good school. Her mother told the girl that she wouldn't have to do this, and they wouldn't do any of this, if she didn't want to.

But seeing how tired and overworked her mother was for a job that she didn't even love and could barely scavenge enough money from, she agreed to doing this. So her mother quit her job, and then they moved from the apartment, to her father's summer house. They searched for different schools, and because it seemed that this school was the best for her, and since they had wanted best for their daughter, Koyuki was sent off to Tachikawa High once the school year began again.

Additional Info:
|| She has a very hard time expressing her own feelings when it comes down to something very serious and deep. ||
|| She's always wanted to leave Japan, and plans on doing so when she finishes school ||
|| Koyuki loves listening to foreign music, even though she has no idea what they're saying-- ||
|| She's very scared of love and all things that come along with it, because she believes she's not good enough for it ||

"You're kind of weird. But, everyone is... so it's all good, don't worry. I like weird."
"W-Why are you talking to me...?" 

None atm. RP with me, maybe? :iconshaplz:

:new: -- I like RPing through comments/notes/chat. :iconteyuplz: Skype makes me feel awkward sometimes----I like both script and lit.

Koyuki ~ :iconshimmyshom: 

AHAHAH big bio :iconomgcryplz: More than I've ever written for a character---. If there's something bad/wrong with it, I'll change it :iconcrai-plz: <33 I really hope I can get in. I already love Koyuki. :iconsobbplz:
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